Marriage, and introducing Luoyang

11 Mar

Marriage is a tough process in China, as this New York Times piece shows. There’s a lot of pressure on both men and women, involving stringent requirements – wealth, education, even height- as well as a commercial aspect (which other Asian societies like India also have). In major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, if you’re a guy and want to marry, you got to have your own home, otherwise you’re almost screwed.

The city of Luoyang is one of China’s four great ancient capitals. The other three – Beijing, Xian, and Nanjing – need little introduction, but Luoyang seems to lag. That’s why I wrote a piece about Luoyang for China Daily. It’s in Henan province, and about two hours from Xian by high-speed train. The most impressive sight is the Longmen Grottoes, which features thousands of Buddhist statues – as high as 17 meters, human-sized, finger-sized – carved into cliffs on both sides of a peaceful river. Luoyang also has a fine historical museum, the earliest Buddhist temple in China, the White Horse Temple, and Guanlin temple, which honors Guan Gong/Guan Yu, a Three Kingdoms-era general who was deified in the Sui Dynasty and is widely worshiped in Guangdong and Hong Kong. His head is also buried at this temple.


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