Galaxy SOHO and its builder

13 Mar

Last time I went to Beijing in 2012, I noticed some cool buildings such as this weird pod-shaped one below.


Apparently it was the Galaxy SOHO, a mixed retail-office complex designed by famed Iraqi-born British architect Zaha Hadid. It was completed in October last year. Better pictures can be found on the link above and here. Hadid also designed the fantastic space ship-shaped Guangzhou Opera House, as impressive an opera house as found anywhere.

This post about the Galaxy SOHO isn’t random. This morning, one of the first things I saw when I went online was this piece about Zhang Xin, the female Beijing property tycoon who, along with her husband Pan Shiyi, are two of China’s wealthiest. Zhang has an impressive background which involves going to Hong Kong when she was 14 and working as a seamstress, then resuming her studies to somehow be able to go to England to study at Sussex University, then Cambridge for a master’s. Zhang and her husband own the property development firm SOHO China, which commissioned the construction of the Galaxy SOHO above.


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