The First Lady, and a nostalgic expat

19 Mar

Peng Liyuan, Xi Jinping’s wife, is a famous singer and celebrity in China who often performs at major state galas, so it’s obvious she stands out from former Chinese first ladies (excepting Madam Mao, a former actress and Madame Chiang- Soong Meiling). The question is can she continue to be a celebrity, or will she have to stay out of the public eye? If the former, as this writer believes, it might help make the Chinese regime seem more accessible to the masses. Xi himself appears to be doing some good public relations from recent events, which is in line with his down-to-earth image.

On a different topic, this is a fine, thoughtful article written by an American author about her China experience as an expat, and how her journey and hopes for the country unfolded. She talks about how attached she became to China, envisioning a long life living and working there, and eventually how she came to grips with leaving it. Any China expat or anyone with an interest in China should read this.


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