BRICS and its world bank; HK clothing magnate politician

24 Mar

Xi Jinping flew to Russia for his first presidential overseas trip. Then later this week, he will go to South Africa (Durban actually) for a BRICS summit on March 26 and 27. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are the largest developing nations in the world and are predicted to overtake the US and other major Western nations within a decade. For now, the upcoming BRICS summit is seen as important because there’s a strong possibility that these five nations will create an international development bank, an emerging nations version of the World Bank, which would be a very major undertaking. It’ll be a good opportunity for the BRICS to take a bigger role on the international stage and be able to assist the developing world more. The World Bank may have done some good work in the past, but it and its sister institution, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) are both controlled by Western nations. For instance, it’s basically set in stone that the heads of the World Bank and IMF must be Americans and West Europeans.

G2000 is a major Hong Kong clothing brand which I own a few items of, and its founder Michael Tien is a politician, a member of the Legislative Council and a district councilor in Tsuen Wan, New Territories. Here’s an interview in HK Magazine. He has some reasonable opinions concerning the mainland and the coming into power of HK’s current leader Leung CY. No doubt he’s very well-off, but he also has a social conscience, having participated in a reality show where he tries to live like the poor on 30 bucks a day.

It’s nice to see Guangzhou has got a cool “terrifying” amusement park, which warrants its own BBC article. One of the star attractions is a recordbreaking rollercoaster which is almost supposed to guarantee vomiting as an aftermath.



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