Snow, golf, drinking, and maids

25 Mar

Beijing looks fantastic for a change after a burst of snow in the nation’s capital last week. Meanwhile this golf prodigy, who should be in grade school, is set to play in a European Tour event. And according to this CNN list, China is the no. 2 drinking nation in the world. I know people love their baijiu there, but I’m not sure how much of the population drinks it. For one, I imagine that more young Frenchmen drink wine or young Australians or Germans drink beer than young Chinese drink baijiu.

Filipino maids have lost a court appeal in Hong Kong to allow domestic helpers to apply for permanent residency. It’s not surprising, when you consider how closed Hong Kong is. Granted highly skilled, upper-middle-class professionals won’t find it hard at all to apply for residency, but for Southeast Asian maids from the Philippines or Indonesia, that’s a different story. To understand how worried Hong Kong was about this case, the court was even considering transferring it to Beijing for final judgement. If you know about how worried many Hong Kongers have been about life under Beijing’s rule, you’d realize how drastic this was. Hong Kong is a small place and densely populated, so there are valid worries about hundreds of thousands of maids applying for residency and then bringing their families. However when you’ve got people who’ve been working in Hong Kong for over 10 years legally, as one of the maids who brought the case have, then maybe you’d think they could be given residency since they’re practically living here.



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