Random links- tourism, dinosaurs and books

12 Apr

Chinese tourists are swarming the world and causing a range of emotions. The article is subtitled “The good, the bad and the backlash”, which gives a good idea of what it’s about. Not surprisingly it mentions Hong Kong, where there is significant concern, anger and prejudice against mainland tourists. 83 million Chinese traveled overseas in 2012, becoming the top spending tourists in the world and overtaking Americans and Germans. This is good because it means more Chinese have the means to travel and are able to spend well. This is a positive development and I just hope the numbers will continue to increase. Of course, there are adverse effects from the big numbers and cultural differences and unfortunately, bad behavior from a significant minority. The article does a good job to examine this last issue with several Chinese quoted saying that many Chinese do not condone rude behavior and are indeed aware and ashamed when fellow countrymen act badly abroad.

Dinosaurs were found in Yunnan province recently. Actually, these were fossilized dinosaur embryos that were estimated to be 190 million years old! The fossils might even contain tissue remains which could be extracted for research. That’s pretty amazing to think that organic matter could have survived so long.

The NY Review of Books features a review of 3 Asian novels, each with a rags-to-riches plot, but with a focus on social transformation. Asia, specifically East and South, has gone through significant changes, and China is, not surprisingly, the setting of one of these books- Tash Aw’s Five Star Billionaire.


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