Taiwan Hakka focus, and returns from the past

30 Apr

In welcome news, two bronze heads that were stolen when Western troops sacked the Summer Palace in 1860 are being returned to China later this year. These heads are part of a dozen, with several having been returned and a few still out there somewhere.

Hakkas make up about 18 percent of Taiwan’s population, but have historically been marginalized in mainstream society. The government is trying to raise awareness and promote Hakka culture, through food and religious festivals, cultural centers, and education, with Hakka being an optional subject in schools. There are even Hakka studies programs at universities. The Taipei MRT subway has Hakka as one of the four languages it makes announcements in.

Wineries aren’t my thing, though I don’t mind a little wine now or then. Here’s a unique one in Beijing, an asterisk-shaped structure situated on an artificial lake.


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