Cantonese football might, “diaosi”, and Taiwan-style violence

15 May

The coach of Guangzhou Evergrande is an Italian, Marcello Lippi, who just so happened to have won the 2006 World Cup as his country’s coach. He arrived in Guangzhou last season and won the domestic double, and he’s now aiming for continental success. Indeed Guangzhou has a strong team and is favored to go far in the Asian Champions League. They beat Australia’s Central Coast Mariners 2-1 in Australia in the first leg of the second round knockout stage.

Absurd events are a staple of life in Taiwan, but these recent incidents go beyond the usual level, with a little bit of mainland-style violence thrown in as well.

Life is tough for a lot of people in the mainland, and it’s not just the old or uneducated, as young college graduates are also finding things tough. It’s bad enough that it’s compelled many young people to spend most of their lives online as a refuge and a place to thrive (which many of us not in the mainland, including myself also do). These people have even proudly termed themselves “diaosi” (loser) as an ironic and defiant way to define themselves.



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