Taiwan tries to catch up in consumer electronics

16 May

Taiwan has several major electronic brands such as Asus, Acer, D-Link, and of course, HTC. But lately these firms haven’t been doing well with a lack of innovation and a big dependence on PCs as strong factors. This NY Times piece focuses on Asus and its dapper 60-year-old chairman as trying to help boost its brand but otherwise the article doesn’t really describe how Taiwan is trying “to regain its lead in consumer electronics”. One can even say that Taiwan never ever had a lead in any consumer electronics field, though Acer has long been a top-five PC producer. The article isn’t very optimistic in its conclusion, and it’s not hard to understand. Rising competition from mainland and Korean companies, an overdependence on manufacturing, and a corporate culture of being too frugal, exploitative of employees, and afraid to take risks, as well as a younger generation that may not be as enamored of technical fields nor as hardworking as previous ones, are what Taiwan companies face.


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