Hong Kong reality and Chinese stars against poaching

20 May

This SCMP opinion piece does a good job of describing the reality of colonial Hong Kong compared to the present. A lot of people, including a former top official, have come out strongly against the current chief executive  Leung Chun-ying and China while also expressing nostalgia for the good old days when the Union Jack flew over Hong Kong. Not so, says this columnist, who gives a bunch of reasons such as how “Britons could freely enter, live and work in Hong Kong indefinitely but Hongkongers had no reciprocal rights in Britain” and that all the top policymakers were British.

Actress Li Bingbing speaks out against poaching endangered animals like rhinos and elephants in these videos for the United Nations (UNEP actually). She joins Yao Ming, who did something similar last year and now as well.



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