Aircraft carrier progress and economic slowdown

11 Jul

China continues to make more progress with its aircraft carrier, having conducted a series of flight take-off and landings. Yet this is far from signifying that the aircraft carrier can be ready for use anytime soon, because much more training needs to take place, especially in operating the aircraft carrier in cooperation with a combat fleet. As a Singaporean university academic said in the article, China “will need several more years before the Liaoning is fully operational and it learns how to build its own carriers.”

Meanwhile China’s economy seems to be declining a bit, resulting in predictable articles with pessimistic overtones. Yet as this article tries to explain, China’s leaders seem to be coming around to the reality that “the days of open-ended hyper growth are over” as serious socioeconomic problems such as inequality and corruption become more of a priority. Reforms will be needed for China’s economy and in the short-term might cause some pains, including for the world. But what’s important is for China’s leaders to ignore the doubters and press ahead, because what’s important is to help their own citizens, not foreign companies and nations.


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