China’s world’s largest building and mini-city sculptures

15 Jul

Last week, China recently achieved another milestone in terms of biggest, tallest, or longest- the world’s largest building. Now I can’t even fathom the size of this giant just from the figures, but to say 3 Pentagons or multiple football stadiums can fit into it easily, which is definitely huge. I wonder how long it’d take to walk around it inside or to visit all the shops and attractions. Located in Chengdu, the New Century Global Center looks to be quite a work of art as well. I hope it becomes heavily visited and used, unlike the world’s biggest mall.

It’s not that often you come across modern Chinese art, but here’s Guangzhou-based sculptor Hu Shaoming with an interesting series of intricate city sculptures hanging upside-down under an umbrella or perched on a seahorse’s head. The sculptures’ small gold buildings kind of reminds me of the cities in the intro song to the Game of Thrones TV show. Hu’s pieces are meant to convey a sense of loss of traditional culture in today’s society.


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