Ancient texts and modern fun

19 Jul

A series of ancient texts from 300 BC was discovered recently which has a great potential to help China understand its deep past even more, seeing as most ancient texts like these were destroyed by rulers, intent on rewriting history to justify their reign and policies. As one person in the article puts it, this is like finding the “original Bible”.

Meanwhile, the Times looks at how young factory workers have fun in Zhengzhou, Henan, where inline and roller skating, dance clubs, and shows are some of the popular options (which is not dissimilar to young people all over the world). The article’s point is to show us that Chinese factory workers (at least in Zhengzhou) do have fun outside their factories, but  there’s nothing really momentous or vital about this news. It also drives home a bias about mainland China from the media, about normal things, like having fun, are new to China.


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