China moves on in the Asia basketball tournament, and more Europe flights

3 Aug

The Asian basketball championships are going on right now in the Philippines, and China lost their final first round game to Iran to finish with a 1-2 record. It’s alright since both teams will move on to the second round, but China will go into that round with an 0-2 record since they lost to two other teams in their group who reached the second round. China’s best player Yi Jianlian, a former NBA veteran and first-round pick, didn’t play a single minute as he is injured, but hopefully he’ll come back in the second round.

More direct flights to Europe are becoming available from “second-tier” Chinese cities with London-Chengdu (starting in September) and Xian-Helsinki among the more recent ones. It’s a smart move and the BA executive quoted sums it up perfectly in saying “We recognize that China is not just metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai, and that other cities are also developing.” Though Helsinki would seem to be a weird choice as I didn’t think there are that many Chinese who’d travel to Finland and vice versa. Still, Finnair has already been running Helsinki-Chongqing direct flights for a year so it seems there is some demand.


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