Mainland students not so positive about studying in Taiwan

15 Aug

Taiwan struggles to attract more mainland students to come over but it’s also not “winning over” the mainland students that are already in local schools. I’m quite familiar with this story last year I wrote about this for a local magazine. The numbers are dismal, with only 951 students recruited last year, and 2000 expected this year. That is a low number and the reasons are various- poor reputation and quality of Taiwan schools, bans on working part-time, and applying for work after graduation or receiving scholarships. Things have improved though, from when mainland students were allowed in 2011 to enroll in universities, such as being able to obtain health insurance after 3 months just like any other foreign students. It’s interesting because from a public standpoint, and the opposition party, the DPP, the mainland students are seen as a threat to local students especially on the job market, whereas university and government officials see them as a solution for Taiwan’s declining student population. It’s this ambiguous attitude towards the mainland that I feel paralyzes many Taiwanese and makes them unable to decide on their future.


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