Not reading much?

16 Aug

Chinese people don’t seem to be reading much books, and this Atlantic piece takes a look why. Growing materialism and busier and pressure-packed lives are cited as factors, but a more serious reason might be the restrictions on writers, which limits how much they can say or criticize, and in turn, make their books less exciting or relevant. On the other hand, it seems that many people are reading novels or short stories on online sites, or buying illegal copies of books, as opposed to genuine versions. Nevertheless it is a little disappointing that reading habits and the quality of literature published have dipped, but not surprising. China is a very interesting country and there’s so much that can be written about by its own writers, rather than (and in addition to) expats or foreign writers.

Anyhow, Taiwan also has serious problems, lagging even mainland China, when it comes to reading, so much that even the government is concerned, and it doesn’t have the excuse of being authoritarian or pressure-packed.


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