Hong Kong-mainland unions growing, and has HK lost its mind?

21 Aug

Here’re a few good articles from Hong Kong’s SCMP newspaper. First, a growing number of Hong Kong ladies are marrying mainland men, with Cantonese often being the main language. It’s encouraging news for HK-mainland relations. These couples make up a significant part of HK households- “Since the handover, more than 388,000 cross-border couples have married in either Hong Kong or on the mainland, which accounted for 16 per cent of the total number of households in Hong Kong.” The article says these HK women are highly educated, well off, and have high positions at work, so it says something about HK when many such women will choose mainlanders over local men.
Secondly, this opinion article, which has a great title, looks at the anger of many Hong Kongers, often using the mainland as a convenient scapegoat, and in particular, criticizes a recent case involving a primary school teacher who openly swore at policemen at a protest. The article seems incomplete though, but I guess the point of the article is what the title says- has Hong Kong lost its mind?


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