Guangdong travel

17 Oct

Guangdong may not be the foremost tourist destination in China but it’s got some decent places to visit. This adventurous Hong Kong expat has a funny, enjoyable article about a few places to go to that maybe aren’t anywhere on any travel guidebook, but is still worth visiting. Other than Zhongshan, the supposed hometown of Chinese revolutionary hero and “Father of modern China” Sun Yat-sen, whose Chinese name is Sun Zhongshan, I’ve never ever heard of the other places. The only problem is that there are no photos with the article, which is a big shortcoming. The author makes a bit too much about being treated very well because she’s a Westerner (in other words, white) but other than that, the article is very good.

To make up for the article’s lack of photos, here’re photos of Guangdong, though not of the places mentioned in the article.




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