Hong Kong v Taiwan

8 Nov

Hong Kong versus Taiwan – see this interesting matchup here through a series of drawings by a Taiwanese artist living in Hong Kong. It’s kind of funny, kind of fascinating, and kind of untrue. In general, Hong Kong people appear to be more individualistic and blunt while Taiwan is more collective and polite, which is not surprising. HK is also portrayed to be softer than Taiwan, such as in dealing with typhoons. Taiwan does get affected by stronger and more frequent typhoons but it can’t be ignored that if things are really bad, typhoon holidays are often announced, sometimes even in the middle of a workday. It’s definitely true that people in Taipei walk slow and casually, even in the subway which was annoying. About the arguments on subways, I’ve never seen something like that in Taipei, especially blunt and in-your-face arguments or fights. On the other hand, I can only speak for Taipei as I’ve never lived elsewhere in Taiwan. Maybe down south in Kaohsiung things get more rowdier sometimes.


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