Orphan parents, and snooker superstar

1 Dec

One of the problems of a single-child policy is what happens if your only child dies before you. This post looks at China’s “orphan parents,” people who lose their only child. With the recent loosening of the one-child policy, there should be less of this.

Meanwhile this is yet another Chinese superstar in an individual sport that’s not exactly mainstream (in terms of spectators, not players of course). Ding Junhui is the world’s No. 3 and is China’s best hope to win a World Championship. He’s been living and training in England since 2003, and seems to have developed a soft spot for it. According to him, “English people are very gentle, very polite. In England, I obey the rules very carefully. In China, nobody seems to care. Everyone wants to go first – quick, quick, quick. I feel like I have to be like that as well and it makes me unhappy.” 


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