Abducted guy’s remarkable return, and accusatory “victims”

3 Dec

The BBC has a fantastic story of how a young man found his way back to his real parents and home after being abducted as a kid 23 years ago. Child abductions and trafficking is a serious problem in China, fueled in large part by the one-child policy which creates a demand for sons, even if not your own. The man’s story is all the more remarkable and heartwarming in that he was trafficked halfway across China, taken from Sichuan to Fujian, where he grew up after being sold to a family there. He never forgot his past and tried to search for his real family online. Eventually through a forum and helpful netizens, he found a place which resembled his old home and took a chance to fly there to meet the people who turned out to be his real parents.

One of the biggest problems in mainland Chinese society is the lack of trust, in everything from business transactions to everyday interactions.  This problem has been made significantly worse by the hustling of good samaritans by the very people they tried to help, specifically by people who’ve fallen on public streets and then allegedly sued or accused people who helped them as the ones who were responsible for their mishaps, even going so far as to take them to court. This piece looks into recent cases of this problem. One of the more telling parts:
Tan Fang, a professor at South China Normal University in Guangdong Province, believes that the nation is “in serious trouble,” after years of unbalanced economic and moral development since the reform and opening-up policy began in 1978.  Lack of mutual trust is one contributor to this “abnormal” society when senior citizens think helpers are actually wrongdoers and passers-by fear of being extorted for helping the elderly, according to Tan. “


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