Highway at the top of the world, and HK’s most diverse building

24 Dec

The Atlantic has a decent story about the Karakhoram highway which links China and Pakistan, and is the intersection of three of the world’s highest mountain ranges – Himalayas, Hindu Kush and the Karakhoram. Focusing mostly on Pakistan, it’s about the development and the places along the highway, which have seen some violence in recent years, but which might bring on economic growth for Pakistan, mainly due to increased trade with China.

Hong Kong’s notorious Chungking Mansion seems to have become respectable. The large sprawling building located near the southern tip of Kowloon features cheap hotel rooms and businesses, mostly frequented by people from the third world which means it’s one of the most diverse places in Hong Kong. It’s not a place where many local HKers go to, but this seems to be changing. The BBC seems to be a little late to this story, since I’ve seen a number of Chungking Mansion stories in recent years.


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