China’s increasingly independent travelers

6 Jan

Some young Chinese are getting out into the world and traveling in a more adventurous way than their elders, even going so far as to take gap years. This is a concept taken from the West, such as in the UK where some youngsters take a year off after graduating from secondary school or university to travel. The Chinese who do take gap year holidays often do it later such as in their mid or late 20s, and the return to regular working life isn’t necessarily smooth. But it’s still admirable that more Chinese are willing to consider doing this.

In addition, there are Chinese travelers who want to take in culture and history for a more “spiritual” experience, as opposed to just shopping. This can include visiting temples, museums, historical sites or even tracing the routes of explorers. It’s a laudable way for Chinese to enjoy travel more, and another example that Chinese travelers are not just all into materialism and extravagance when they go abroad.


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