Issues with China’s impressive high-speed rail

12 Apr

China’s high-speed train network is the envy of many, but apparently not everything is as sound as it’d seem. It is impressive, having started in 2007, it’s become the largest high-speed rail network in the world, and traverses many major cities from north to south. China’s expertise and manufacturing capability now sees Chinese firms going across the world bidding for construction contracts, including even the US. One can take the train from Beijing to Guangzhou in 8 hours, a distance of over 2,200 km. However, you can also take a plane which would be much faster and only a little more expensive, as the article points out. And this is just one of the big problems with the high-speed rail, as the article explains. The network isn’t making money and the rail authorities are finding it hard to maintain financing and pay for construction and operations. Even worse is that some tracks are unsafe, owing to shoddy construction materials and hasty construction. Personally I’ve taken the high-speed rail several times, and find it good to use, however this article does raise some valid points.


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