Tencent the tech behemoth

21 Apr

When it comes to tech, China’s got some titans of its own such as Tencent, Alibaba, Sina and Baidu who often compete fiercely with each other in areas like e-commerce, gaming, messaging apps and even taxi hailing apps. Tencent has done extremely well with its messaging app Weixin (WeChat) which has spread rapidly in the nation. WeChat is also the main spearhead of Tencent’s ambitious thrust into overseas markets. In China, Tencent is famous for QQ, a social media platform that is like a combination of Facebook and MSN Messenger. However, it might be more accurate to describe Tencent as a combination of Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL and more in China, because it provides services equivalent to all those companies. Fast Company has a profile of the tech giant, which might be seen as a rival of Facebook but also faces some worrying concerns about government censorship and surveillance. The article also has some interesting coverage of criticism of Tencent and the vicious tech battles in China. As it is, Tencent has gone from strength to strength and shows little sign of slowing.
Here’s a choice quote from the article:
“Tencent may become so liquid in China that they can buy anything they want in the world.” 


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