Murky murder cases, and Sunflower aftermath

12 May

Strange and disturbing events happen in China a lot but this one is especially so- basically people have been charged and imprisoned for murders only for the supposed victims to appear years later, alive and well. It’d be one thing if it happened once, but there’ve been several instances, and it’s an indication of big flaws with the justice system and police behavior. Forced confessions, the use of torture during interrogations, the detaining and threatening of a convict’s mother and brother, ignored petitions, and the acceptance of sketchy evidence without verification are some of the ugly events that took place with in cases.

Taiwan’s “Sunflower Movement” got a lot of attention with its 3-week long occupation of the legislature in March, during which it succeeded in getting a cross-strait services act to be halted and earned a lot of public support. However, things haven’t been as smooth ever since, with fragmentation and radicalization. Growing awareness and interest in politics and democracy have a result, which isn’t such a bad thing if it succeeds in making more Taiwanese care.


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