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World Cup’s China connections, and Beijing Guoan

13 Jun

The World Cup kicked off yesterday and though China is not in it, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good football articles about China around. For instance, feast on this feature story about Beijing Guoan and its rabid fans and culture, with some Chinese social commentary and football history thrown into the mix.
Then, here are 10 ways that China is connected with this year’s World Cup, including making the official ball, fake sick notes, and the president himself, Big X, possibly making an appearance at the final. There will also be 6 players from the top Chinese football league who’ll be at the World Cup representing their respective countries.


Bad environment makes China a hardship post

6 Jun

One of China’s biggest issues is a heavily polluted environment, that doesn’t just mean dirty, smoggy sir, but also polluted groundwater and soil. All of this means the toll on China is worsening and having a big impact on the economy, people’s health and livelihoods, and the nation’s reputation as a whole. For example, Beijing is now considered a hardship post by the Canadian government which means embassy staff get paid a “hardship bonus.” Companies like Panasonic have started to offer employees (those brought in from overseas, not locals) “hardship bonuses” as well. Tourist numbers have also dropped substantially in Beijing too.